About Us!

Njari Automobile is one of the leading names in Automotive dealership of both new and used cars in Tanzania with more than 10 year’s experience. Njari Automobile a company incorporated under the Companies Act having its registered office at Plot No. 3, block “K” Kinondoni Mbezi beach, Zena Kawawa Street. Njari Automobile enjoys a very good reputation among all the institutions it deals with, like Car Manufacturers, International Car Brokers, Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, Bankers, and Customers besides its Employees.

Njari Automobile has a highly professional & motivated team, dedicated leaders providing their prompt, efficient services to our customers with utmost priority being the Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction. Our longevity and success represent an unmatched commitment to our esteemed customers, solid knowledge of the Tanzanian Market and to a certain extent our competitive advantage with our large customer database, distribution network and customer services.


Our Mission

To sell quality and reliable cars.

Our Vision

Helping people to get the best and quality cars in the market.

Our Objectives

Selling quality cars, Helping people to get the best cars, To be a reliable car dealership.